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About Us

Ashok Industries, is an independent proprietorship company founded and promoted by Mr. Amitava Roy. It all started in 1994 when the founder with experience in engineering and electrical sectors decided to turn his knowledge and skills into his own business. The mentor after extensive research took a well-thought decision about products, infrastructure location, facilities and manpower. He opened a factory in a prime location of Haora, West Bengal, India, and right after started sales and marketing of the products. It has been 24 years in the domain, and till date we are specialized in providing Printed Circuit Boards, Micron Circuit Board, Electronic Circuit Board, PCB Circuit Board. Working as a manufacturer & trader, our company has made its presence felt in many Indian states and cities, by making available PCB Board to several industries, small to large sized.


Our company is empowering companies in the electrical and electronic sectors by enabling them develop electrical and electronic product, keeping PCB as a fundamental part. Available in a number of configurations, this essential component serve a number of functions.
These can be used in healthcare sector in a number of monitoring, diagnostic and treatment devices.
In consumer electronics, it is used in computing devices and smartphones.
In industries, it is used in measuring, power and industrial equipment.
In automotive sector, it is used in AV devices, navigation devices, control system and surrounding monitor.
In aerospace industry, it is applicable in monitoring and testing equipment.


Our team is able to mass-produce PCBs in our factory. The circuit of PCB is laid out by a specialized team with additional design effort, followed by an automated manufacturing and assembly. A production methodology is set in a way that the components are mounted and wired quickly and in less cost. Customers can come to us for single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer PCBs; we are active at meeting their demands. A flat sheet of insulating material is layered with copper and laminated to the substrate. The surface is coated to safeguard the copper against corrosion. The implementation of copper and layer stack are decided based on the type of PCB, while card template and dimensions are selected on the basis of required circuitry and case of the PCB. The manufacturing of PCB can be summarized into steps, including:
  • Panelization
  • Copper patterning
  • Optional Silk screen printing
  • Optional Photoengraving
  • Subtractive, additive and semi-additive processes
  • Chemical etching
  • Lamination
  • Drilling
  • Plating and coating
  • Solder resist application
  • Legend printing
  • Bare-board test
  • Assembly

62/11/1/2, Ichapur Road, Howrah - 711101, West Bengal, India
Phone :+918045800365
Mr. Arijit Roy (Sales & Marketing)
Mobile :918045800365